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Focus On The Caregiver

Welcome back to the Florida Respite Coalition and the Focus on the Caregiver! The mission of the Florida Respite Coalition has, and will continue to be, to support caregivers and promote quality respite care to individuals with special care needs throughout the state.  We are now able to  expand our interest to reflect care giving throughout the lifespan of individuals who need assistance. Through donations, grants, and advertising, we can maintain our website and expand information and respite resources. The Board remains committed to the caregivers of our state. The website is operated by volunteers who give generously of their time and talents to maintain and update the website. We welcome respite providers and others to nominate care providers for our Caregiver Locator. If you have articles of interest, or would like to donate to the coalition, please contact us at Contact@FloridaRespiteCare.ORG.

What Is Respite?

Respite is time taken by a caregiver for rest and rejuvenation. It is temporary, short-term relief that provides a break from the extraordinary demands of ongoing care for an individual with disabilities, special needs or chronic illness. FRC believes every caregiver deserves a break. Please use our list of resources for respite care as a guide to find the best possible care for your loved one.

This Month’s Feature

Respite Care for Exceptional Family Members of Service Personnel

All branches of the military will provide respite care for families with exceptional children from birth to eighteen years. Generally the eligibility will need to be verified and the child should be enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and generally need assistance at the four or five level. The number of hours of respite care varies from service to service. The Air force, for example, will provide twelve hours of respite per month whereas the Navy may provide up to forty hours per month. Child Care Aware, a not for profit organization, currently assists family members obtain fee waivers or referrals for children throughout the United States.

Some additional requirements may need to be met. For instance, the Air Force and Navy require that the service member be on active duty. The Army requires that the service member be deployed, a Wounded warrior in a transition program or the survivor of a Fallen Warrior.
Various respite services may be available and some will be provided in the home, whereas others are provided at facilities. Some of the programs also allow siblings to be included during the respite care. For more information go to http://usa.childcareaware.org/fee-assistancerespite/military-families and register for services.

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