How Is Respite Care Provided?

Respite care may be provided by family members, friends, volunteers, companions, home health aides or respite care workers.

There are three options of respite care service:

In-home respite care takes place in the home of the family or caregiver needing relief. This has the advantage of convenience for the loved one with a special need but often is not ideal for the caregiver who may want to remain at home alone or with a spouse. Additionally, many caregivers express a desire to spend time at home with other children or to finish a household chore without interruption.

Out-of-home respite care takes place at various locations outside the home of the person with a special need. This could include public places, parks or even the respite care worker’s home.

Center-based facilities are more formal but may be ideal for families wanting to take an extended leave and are uncomfortable allowing a respite care worker in the home while they are away for longer periods of time.

The Florida Respite Coalition believes families and caregivers should have choice in selecting their respite care services. If a particular option for respite care delivery does not match the way a family needs the service, then the caregiver may not receive much of a break.

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