Why is Respite Needed?

Everyone needs a break and especially those who are dealing with the demanding job of caring for a loved one around the clock.

More family members are being thrust into the role of caregiver as hospitals are releasing patients earlier, the elderly are living longer and health care costs continue to increase. One in three Americans are caregivers at some time in their lives and if you are not one now, it is highly likely you will be a caregiver for a parent, spouse or child someday.

Though caregivers often feel guilty leaving their loved one in the care of someone else, the time away is just as important for the caregiver as it is for the person they are caring for.

The use of respite care has been shown to reduce the likelihood of divorce, abuse and neglect. Studies show that respite is essential because it reduces stress and helps caregivers keep their loved ones at home for longer periods of time.

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